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Arnhem  22/23 June 2024
Li'l Heaven Studios

Saturday 22/06/24

River Songs

Water and music also reveal a rare and evocative resemblance. Rivers and music exist in the same four dimensions, but they are each utterly unique in every moment. 

Take the word

It is primal and earthy and has probably been around as a word since language was invented

Its also meditative….Think of

Nick Drake River Man

Richard Thompson's album 13 Rivers

Big Themes

Bruce Springsteen “The River” or James Bey ‘Hold Back The River’

Joni Mitchell ‘The River, Birdy ‘Riversong,’ Leon Bridges ‘River,’

Foo Fighters ‘I am a River’

We explore many different themes and how to unify them via the River as the main theme.

Arnhem has the beautiful and very long river Rhine running through its heart so it seemed appropriate to use it as the Saturday theme.

Sunday 23/06/24

Writing to live sync brief

Writing to 5 live and current briefs for TV and film sync.

we discuss and explore the often misunderstood world of writing for sync.

What to look for in in the brief, staying on point and writing from the perspective of yourself as an artist and not a 'jingle' writer.

There is a marked difference between library music which can be more formulaic and writing a song that satisfies a briefs remit but has the style and feel of as genuine artist. We explore the different approaches and then choose the requisite pitch!

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